China Domestic PE Price Rose slightly (December 12-16)

 June 2, 2024


According to Todudu data monitoring, the domestic LLDPE (7042) price was RMB 8,400 per ton on December 12, and the average price was RMB 8,414.29 per ton on December 16, up 0.17% year-on-year and 0.02% year-on-year. December 1

According to the data of Toto, the average price of LDPE (2426H) ex-works on December 12 was RMB 9033/mt, up 0.37% to RMB 9066/mt on December 16, and down 2.86% on December 1, according to the data of Toto.

According to the data monitoring of, the average ex-factory price of HDPE (5000S) was RMB 8400/mt on Dec. 12, and RMB 8466.67/mt on Dec. 16, an increase of 0.79% year-on-year, and an increase of 0.79%. RMB compared with the previous month. December 1. %.

PE prices rose slightly last week. Supply side: some enterprises stopped installation last week, supply decreased. The price of petrochemical companies rose slightly, and traders shipped according to market conditions. Shanghai Petrochemical LDPE stopped production of 50,000 tons, Sinopec HDPE stopped production of 300,000 tons. Demand: With the relaxation of the domestic epidemic prevention and control policies, logistics gradually recovered, and the downstream enterprise start rate rose slightly.

The market outlook is pessimistic due to domestic public events. Downstream will be replenished according to demand. It is expected that the rising power of China's PE spot market is limited.

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