Comprehensive Logistics Consulting
TDD-global relies on the strong shipping service network of Shandong Port to sincerely provide you with services
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Our Strengths
Diversified and rich data, smooth port operations, deep coordination between customs and ports, and comprehensive supply chain services
Rich and Diverse Data
Relying on key technologies such as blockchain, cloud computing, and big data, we integrate logistics resources from all parties to provide customers with a full range of information query an
Port Business Office
Putting customers at the center, focusing on port ecological services, breaking through the information barriers of all parties, and providing customers with "one-stop" port business handling
In-depth Coordination Between Customs and Ports
Deepen the linkage between customs and ports, realize the seamless connection of logistics and information flow online and offline, build a comprehensive service platform for customs and port
Comprehensive Supply Chain Services
Integrate into the comprehensive supply chain service system of Shandong Port, give full play to the integrated and collaborative advantages of Shandong Port, enrich port service functions, e