Why is TDD-global the right choice to purchase
Purchasing Assistant
Procurement experts will provide you with one-to-one procurement consulting services according to your needs.
Business Information Reports
Avoid business risks, guide negotiations, and help you understand the relevant industries.
Tailor-made Supplier Matching Service
Match the right supplier according to your sourcing requirements.
Get the Quote Within 24 Hours
Get better and faster response.
One-stop Service
Inquiry, negotiation, ordering, logistics, delivery, one-stop service and trading process.
Verify Suppliers
All suppliers have been selected by Cnauto and have been verified on site.
More than 100,000+ products are listed on the platform
Trade Assurance
Trade assurance covers every stage of your trade Ensure the production quality of verified suppliers and protect your order from payment to delivery.
Digital Logistics
Reduce inventory uncertainty with On-time Delivery Guarantee and track your shipment with TDD's Logistics Services. We cover the world's popular seaports, and chose industry's leading service
Transparent Prices, Flexible Payment Terms
Get competitive pricing and check rates in real-time. TT,LC,DA,DP payment terms are accepted.
Production Monitoring and Inspection Service
Production Monitoring: Provide continuous tracking and reporting of production progress, keep abreast of production dynamics, reduce the risk of order delays, and check product details before
After-sales Guarantee
If you're not satisfied with the product or service? Please contact our customer service 24×7.