Coal market conditions are cooling and overall transactions may be weak
Tuesday, Jan 23, 2024 at 6:43 PM
In terms of coal production areas, the weather has cleared up in Yulin, Ordos and other places in Shaanxi, and roads in mining areas have gradually returned to normal. However, the impact of snowfall on the pit market has not completely dissipated.

The coal trucks stranded in the mining area are gradually leaving, but there are not many new coal trucks entering the mine. They are mainly short-distance vehicles, and long-distance coal trucks are rare; some coal washing plants and traders are closed for holidays; platform shipments have dropped significantly after the snow. .

Production in most coal mines has been normal, but sales are generally sluggish. There are few coal trucks in the mining area, and vehicles can be loaded at the mine. Coal mines have a large accumulation of coal, and mines with poor road conditions are under greater inventory pressure. In order to prevent coal storage, some mines Production at the top warehouse is suspended.

 Overall, the market conditions in the main coal producing areas have generally stabilized in Hangkou, with local prices falling more than rising, and the market trading atmosphere is sluggish. Most coal mines adopt a wait-and-see attitude and cautiously adjust prices. The number of coal mines that adjust prices is still relatively small. The prices of some coal mines fluctuate up and down, with the fluctuation range being 10~20 yuan/ton. The price reductions are mainly for surface coal, and some seed coal, raw coal and slime. Price increased. Today, the bidding price of a large mine fluctuated by only 2 to 13 yuan/ton. Private mines have entered a holiday mode this weekend. The current pit mouth production reduction is obvious, market supply and demand are weak, the overall atmosphere continues to be weak, and there is no obvious pre-holiday supplement. Library purchasing quotations.

In terms of port market conditions, 4500K quoted 695-710 yuan, with downstream counter-offers within 700 yuan; 5000K quoted 795-815 yuan, with individual bids as low as 790 yuan, with downstream counter-offers ranging from 795-805 yuan, and a transaction at 805 yuan; 5500K quoted 910-920 yuan.

In terms of port inventories, port shipments were higher than imports, and inventories fell. On January 22, North Port transferred 1.742 million tons (-24.1), loaded 2.172 million tons (-0.6), had 24.346 million tons in stock (-44.1), and anchored 160 ships (-29).

As the temperature rises, the daily consumption of power plants decreases and inventories increase. On January 22, the total inventory of China's six major coastal electricity generators was 12.049 million tons (+6.3), daily consumption was 865,200 tons (-0.62), and the number of available days was 13.9 days (+0.2).